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We are two adult teachers and four students, in a rare school prize trip in Iran. We spent one week with Pourya and couldn’t be more pleased. Our demands were high (we wanted to see many things in very few days) and so were our expectations, but the results were even better. The country definitely has to do with the success of the trip, but Pourya wasn’t less of a necessary ingredient: he worked really hard to meet our needs (which were very varied) and to have the students excited, improvizing the itinerary or changing it to accommodate (with previous permission from us) with what he thought would provide a better experience. To increase our fun he did a lot of personal expenses on our behalf obviously decreasing his net worth. Although we were on budget the restaurants and hotels he chose were traditional and elegant, even coming from one week in a 5* hotel in Tehran as we were (had been invited there as part of the prize). I can only recommend him and definitely look forward to contracting his services again in the future to visit more of this unique and exciting country. Thank you Pourya!

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