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Shiraz is one the most prominent touristy cities of Iran. It is replete with historical tourism attractions which certainly make it a must-see while touring Iran.

The hotels of this city are mainly modern, though you will observe the Persian culture and architecture in them.

Most hotels of this city are located in the city center and near the major attractions of the city (such as Zandiyeh Complex, Pink Mosque, Qavam House, Eram Garden and Hafez Mausoleum).

Besides luxury and modern hotels, several boutique hotels are being built recently inside the old district of the city.

Elysee Hotel is located at the upscale part of the city,close to malls and shopping centers . The majority of the hotels have been built recently or have been reconstructed.

Shiraz hotels are among best Iran hotels (or hotel iran located in Shiraz). Shiraz was the capital of Iran in some periods of time. It is still the heart of poetry and literature in Iran.

Annually, lots of passengers who are interested in Persian poetry from all over the world travel here to visit tombs of Saadi and Hafez. Also you can visit historical city of Persepolise (or Takhte Jamshid, capital of the Achaemenid Empire) which is near Shiraz.

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