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Iran Tourist Card – Exchange Money – Iran Debit Card

Iran Tourist Card

Problem Solved for Credit Card in Iran

Can we use Credit Cards In Iran?

If you are planning to travel to Iran, you need to be aware that banking service in Iran is not a part of the international banking system, one of the main troubles for tourists, making credit cards useless and force them to carry and spend cash. Come along with Iran VIP Tour to learn everything about Credit Cards in Iran and discover about Iran’s Tourist Card.

Iran VIP Tour Tourist Card is the solution for those who want transparency, flexibility and convenience in their financial transactions during their stay in Iran. The convenience of a debit card without the need to set up a bank account or fill out confusing and drawn-out paperwork. Mobile notifications/texts informing you of all financial transactions. Card charging using any currency, from anywhere, at any time. Iran VIP Tour  Tourist Card  is accepted everywhere in Iran.

Iran Debit card

No Need to Carry Cash in Iran Anymore

Are Credit Cards such as VISA or MASTER Cards are accepted in Iran?
Unfortunately no. Due to numerous banking sanctions, international banking is problematic for those visiting Iran. Your tourist card aims to fix this problem by providing financial solutions so you can charge your card either within or outside of Iran.

Specifications of Iran Gift cards

  1. The Maximum value of Gift card is 5,000,000 Rials  gift cards.
  2. Online payments are possible.
  3. withdrawn Cash from an ATM machines.
  4. You can Refund the Deposited money .
  5. Gift cards have a one-year expiry date.

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