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Yazd is one of the few cities in the world inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List.
It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian period (224-651 AD). It is nicknamed “the City of Windcatchers” in Persian, and in 2017 it was listed by UNESCO as a world heritage. A city of magnificent mosques, Zoroastrian culture, carpet shops and ancient Persian wind towers , which ventilate houses through turrets oriented toward the prevailing valley winds and traditional guesthouse middle of deserts.

A unique Persian architecture of this ancient city in the middle of the desert would make you surprise . A Cosy Traditional Yazd Hotel could an stunning example of that.

Stay in one of the traditional buildings in the city of Yazd can be a memorable experience during your travel to Iran. Here are some unique Yazd hotel in that shine like a pearl in middle of the desert in Iran.

Some of the best hotels in Yazd are beautiful old houses with decorative vaults and miniature Iranian gardens in peaceful yards.